ООО "Уфимский Завод Металлорукавов"
450015, Russia, Ufa, K.Marx str. 67
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Development of technical documentation, production of tooling and non-standard equipment for various purposes from Ufa Metal Hose Plant

Ufa Metal Hose Plant has the ability to carry out the development of technical documentation and manufacture technological equipment and non-standard equipment for various purposes: dies, molds, machine tools, devices for assemblies, non-standard equipment, etc.

For the formation of an individual order, we suggest you to contact us and prepare the relevant information.

For example, we propose the following necessary data for the mold manufacture:

• detail drawing;

• node drawing;

• technical task with indication of material; brand of model;

• passport of the equipment;

• information about technical capabilities of the manufactured equipment (availability of CNC machines, equipment for electrical erosion processing of metals, etc.).


According to the received data, the Company will design the molding and perform the design work as soon as possible.