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PH (fluoroplastic hose) PTFE hoses

PH (fluoroplastic hose) PTFE hoses

Fluoroplastic (PTFE) hoses are sealed high-pressure hoses (up to 500 atm), which are made of smooth or corrugated fluoroplastic tube covered with a braiding (according to the working pressure combined braiding can be used - spiral and netted braiding )
A tube
is a flexible inner cover from fluoroplastic (Teflon), which is enclosed in a metal braiding. The main advantage of the fluoroplastic tube is its high resistance to highly aggressive media.
Smooth thin-walled
standard tube
Ø6 - Ø100
Smooth thick -walled tube
with increased working pressure
Ø6 - Ø100
Corrugated thin-walled tube
of increased flexibility
Ø8 - Ø150
Corrugated thick -walled tube
with increased flexibility and working pressure
Ø8 - Ø150
Heavy wall tubing
with maximum working pressure
and low flexibility
Ø6 - Ø32
Standard smooth PTFE hose is made from a thin-walled fluoroplastic tube, has an average flexibility, and withstands a working pressure up to 190 kgf / cm2, according to internal diameter. This type of hoses fits most of the customer’s requirements.
Increased wall thickness of Smooth thick-walled PTFE hose allows to withstand more working pressure, but at the same time hose itself becomes less flexible.
Corrugated standard type of PTFE hoses allows to significantly increase the flexibility of the hose, but at the same time the hose withstands less working pressure.
Corrugated thick-walled PTFE hoses proved increased flexibility and increased working pressure.
Heavy wall tubing hoses are designed for operation at especially important production sites. This type hoses are hoses of maximum working pressure and minimum flexibility.
is a protective mesh type cover made of stainless steel 321 wires; allows ensuring the hoses` operability under various loads affects, as well as pressuring tight arising during transportation media along a flexible part. Braiding should tightly fit the hose, and doesn’t have dangling parts.
One-layer braiding
Two - layer braiding
Three-layer braiding
One-layer braiding - the standard type, which allows to ensure the hose stable operation under heavy loads
Two - layer braiding - allows to increase the working pressure; it is usually used with heavy series of flexible RGM series.
Three-layer braiding – allows to use the maximum working pressure, is applied in development under special customer’s conditions.
PTFE Lining
is a flaring of flexible part of the PTFE hose to the end fittings.
Smooth PTFE lining on flanges
Corrugated PTFE lining on flanges
Smooth PTFE lining on nuts
PTFE lining allows to avoid contact medium with the material of fittings, while transporting particularly aggressive media.
Lining is made from flat or corrugated tube, and can be flared on the flange, nuts or other fittings.
Internal screen
is a protective element of the hose, inside the flexible part, which makes it possible to exclude / reduce the contact of PTFE with the medium, or, due to its presence, prolong the service life of the product.
Corrugated antistatic cover
Smooth antistatic cover
Antistatic cover is a special carbon layer inside the PTFE tube to prevent damage from static electricity that accumulates with the passage of the medium through the flexible part
PTFE lining is a flaring of the flexible part of PTFE hose to the end fittings.
Outer cover
is the part of the hose in which the flexible part is enclosed to prevent various effects (thermal, mechanical, etc.). It is based on operating conditions of the product.
Rubber cover
Smooth tube in a metal hose with braiding
Corrugated tube in a metal hose braided
Thermocover –is used to protect the metal hose from high temperatures, up to 1500 ° C.
Rubber cover - allows to protect the braiding from mechanical damages.
Spring - protects the flexible part of the hose from kinks. As a rule, it protects the end fittings from bending; sometimes it is installed along the length of the metal hose.
Metal hose - if necessary, PTFE tube (smooth or corrugated) is enclosed into a metal hose; this allows to protect PTFE part of the hose from external mechanical influences and extend the service life of the product.